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MARCH 5, 2010
  Crowsnest Pass� population broken down to reflect past
    On January 1, 1979, five municipalities in southwest Alberta amalgamated to form the Municipality of Crowsnest Pass. These municipalities were the towns of Blairmore and Coleman, the villages of Bellevue and Frank and Improvement District (I.D.) No. 4.

Since, it has been difficult to determine how each former municipality has fared after amalgamation in terms of population. Thirty years and a second amalgamation later (absorption of I.D. No. 6 on January 1, 1996), a current population breakdown of the municipality by former component has emerged.

Alberta Municipal Affairs (AMA) published a breakdown of Crowsnest Pass by its six former municipal components in its 2009 Official Population List (OPL) in accordance with Section 4.1 of the Determination of Population Regulation.

The population breakdown in the 2009 OPL is derived from the 2006 federal census and the numbers are based on the boundaries of its former municipal components at the time of amalgamation, as confirmed by an inquiry with municipal staff.

Below is a comparison of this breakdown with the last federal census populations published for each former municipality. An overall percent change between the federal censuses is also presented.

Former Municipality 1976 Population 1991 Population 2006 Population Percent Change
Blairmore, Town of 2,321 n/a 2,088 -10%
Coleman, Town of 1,543 n/a 1,065 -31%
Bellevue, Village of 1,486 n/a 803 -46%
Frank, Village of 201 n/a 263 31%
I.D. No. 5 1,735 n/a 1,257 -28%
I.D. No. 6 n/a 130 273 110%

The above comparisons show that Crowsnest Pass� four largest former municipalities have all experienced overall population decline, with Blairmore’s decline being the most modest at -10%. Frank and I.D. No. 6 are the only former municipalities to have increased in population (31% and 110% respectively).

As a result of the Municipality of Crowsnest Pass� first population breakdown since amalgamation, Alberta Population has adjusted all of its applicable 2006 through 2009 Population Summary reports. The population breakdown in the applicable reports is further broken down to present the designated place population of Hillcrest Mines, which was a hamlet within I.D. No. 5 prior to amalgamation.


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