About the Population List

  The Province of Alberta’s Ministry of Municipal Affairs has been producing population lists on an annual basis since 1913. The lists present the most recent population figures for all of Alberta’s incorporated municipalities. Types of incorporated municipalities in Alberta include:
  • urban municipalities, which includes cities, towns, villages, and summer villages;
  • rural municipalities, which includes municipal districts, improvement districts, and special areas; and
  • specialized municipalities.
The population counts for Métis settlements and Indian reserves were incorporated in the annual population list starting in 1991 and 1996 respectively. Meanwhile, additional information on urban service areas was appended to the annual population list starting in 1993.

Population lists published prior to 1951 are questionable in their accuracy. Most population counts presented on these issues appear to be estimates that were not as a result of modern day municipal censuses. However, counts presented on the 1936, 1941, and 1946 editions are from the federal censuses (formerly referred to as dominion censuses) performed in those years. It is unknown whether the few counts that do not appear to be rounded in other editions of the pre-1951 population lists are from early municipal censuses or just detailed estimates.

Typically the population of a municipality for any given year in the population list is the count from that municipality’s most recent federal or municipal census. Sections 57 and 604 of the Municipal Government Act (MGA) allows a municipality the right to perform its own municipal census. In turn, the results may be submitted for review by and acceptance of the Minister of Municipal Affairs, as per Determination of Population Regulation 63/2001, for the purpose of calculating per capita grants for the municipality.

If a municipality chooses to perform a municipal census in any given year, the results must be submitted before September 1 of that year in order for the population count to apply to the upcoming year’s per capita grants. In 2011, the annual population list publication was released on December 12.

Listed in the menu to the left are copies of the annual population list publication from 1913 to present in Adobe Reader (PDF) format. If you do not have Adobe Reader, please click here.

Note that the lists for 1913 to 1959 are copies available on the Alberta Municipal Affairs website. The population lists for 1960 to 1995 have been scanned by AltaPop from paper into PDF format. The lists for 1996 and 1997 have been formatted from HTML using Microsoft Excel and converted into PDF format according to how they are presented on the Alberta Municipal Affairs website. The lists for 1998 to the present are the same copies posted in PDF format on the same website.


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