DECEMBER 26, 2009
  2009 Population Summaries complete
    AltaPop’s Population Summaries Section has been updated to include the 2009 editions of the Population of Municipalities Ranked by Size, Population of Municipalities Sorted Alphabetically, and Population of Settlements Ranked by Size reports as a result of the December release of the 2009 OPL.

Further, the 2007 and 2008 editions of the Population of Settlements Ranked by Size reports have been reissued to include latest population figures of the seven settlements within the M.D. of Opportunity No. 17 according to its 2007 municipal census.

MAY 2, 2009
  Search AltaPop with Custom Google Search
    Searching for something on AltaPop? Try searching using AltaPop’s Google Custom Search. A search function was added to AltaPop in response to a suggestion from a user. This search engine has been designed to return both HTML and PDF results from only this website.

Since AltaPop is a not-for-profit website, the free version of the Google Custom Search is used. Therefore, please tolerate Google’s discreet advertisements at the top of your search results page.

JANUARY 8, 2009
  More reports added to Population Summaries Section
    Population of Municipalities reports for 2008 have been added to AltaPop’s Population Summaries Section as a result of the December release of the 2008 OPL.

Further, a revised Population of Settlements report for 2006 that incorporates the 2006 federal census counts has been posted, along with subsequent reports for 2007 and 2008 that reflect municipal census activity since 2006.

OCTOBER 16, 2008
  Population Summaries Section updated with more federal census summaries
    AltaPop’s Population Summaries Section has been updated to present the 2006 federal census summaries to the same standard of the annual population summaries presented in the same Section. Also, summaries from the 2001 federal census have been developed and posted in the same format as the 2006 summaries.

In addition, federal census summaries including the population counts for certain municipalities that were revised by Statistics Canada after the original release dates of the 2001 and 2006 federal censuses are also posted in this Section.

  Section created for Specialized Municipalities
    AltaPop has recently completed a slight re-organization of its website. It has removed the Unincorporated Places Section, which was not yet functional except for Alberta’s two Urban Service Areas, and replaced it with a new Specialized Municipalities Section.

Under this Section, you will find the Population Profiles for Alberta’s five Specialized Municipalities. The Section also includes the profiles for the two Urban Service Areas that were previously posted under the Unincorporated Places Section. Coincidentally, both Urban Service Areas are located within Specialized Municipalities.

Previously, the profiles for two of the Specialized Municipalities were available under the Urban Municipalities Section. Meanwhile, the profiles for the three other Specialized Municipalities were slated for the Rural Municipalities Section, but were yet to be compiled.

The new Specialized Municipalities Section includes interim profiles for Mackenzie County, Strathcona County, and the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo to accompany the previously prepared profiles for the Municipalities of Crowsnest Pass and Jasper.

Finalization of the three interim profiles will be a priority for AltaPop to complete prior to the 2009 municipal census season. AltaPop will attempt to complete its Rural Municipalities Section during the same time frame, starting with Alberta’s three Special Areas and seven Improvement Districts.

As a result of the re-organization, the Population Profile for Alberta’s lone Townsite was orphaned from the previous Unincorporated Places Section. Since the Townsite of Redwood Meadows is urban in nature, its Population Profile is now accessible via the Urban Municipalities Section.

JANUARY 20, 2008
  2007 Population Summaries now available
    The 2007 set of Population Summaries are now available on AltaPop. Visit the Population Summaries section to view the official population counts of Alberta’s municipalities arranged both by size and alphabetically.

OCTOBER 14, 2007
  AltaPop back from three-month hiatus
    Due to other priorities, AltaPop has not been updated since late July. However, you will notice over the next while that AltaPop will be playing catch-up, so keep your eyes peeled to the Archived News page for the retroactive updates.

MAY 3, 2007
  Census Tracker page created
    AltaPop has just posted its 2007 Municipal Census Tracker on its main page and a Census Trackers page that presents the same and lists past trackers from 2005 and 2006 as well. This page will act as an archive for past, current, and future census trackers over the coming years to allow for data retention and census result comparison.

JUNE 7, 2006
  Rural Municipalities Section to be completed soon
    The completion of the Rural Municipalities Section of AltaPop is now on the radar. Originally, AltaPop was going to concentrate on the Unincorporated Places Section, but due to the sheer volume of data for hundreds of Unincorporated Places, data validation has stalled.

Therefore, by sometime in Autumn 2006, AltaPop will completely publish population profiles for Alberta’s Rural Municipalities in a format similar to those found under the Urban Municipalities Section. The profiles will be released incrementally by type of Rural Municipality. Incrementally, data for Specialized Municipalities, Improvement Districts, and Special Areas will likely be published first, ending with Alberta’s 64 Municipal Districts.

Once this Section is completed, AltaPop will re-apply its efforts to the continuation of the Unincorporated Places project. Hopefully population profiles for this incomplete section of AltaPop will appear sometime in 2007. Thank you all for your patience.

MAY 21, 2006
  Content added to Population Summaries Section
    Now joining the 2004 and 2005 Population Summaries for Alberta’s Urban Municipalities are reports that present the population of Alberta’s Specialized Municipalities, Rural Municipalities, and their components for the same two years. A report is available for each that rank municipalities by size and sort them alphabetically.

In addition, reports are provided that combine the population data for all of Alberta’s types of municipalities for both 2004 and 2005. Visit the Population Summaries Section to view these new reports.

APRIL 29, 2006
  Links to official municipal websites updated
    Links to official municipal websites for the Towns of Granum, McLennan, Sedgewick, Spirit River, and Two Hills; the Villages of Hill Spring, Irma, and Nobleford; and the Summer Village of Waiparous are all now available under the Links page. Broken links for four villages (Caroline, Empress, Wabamun, and Waskatenau) have been fixed as their websites were relocated. Meanwhile broken links for five villages (Delia, Munson, Ryley, Strome, and Warner) have been removed as new website addresses have not yet been found.

MARCH 6, 2006
  All Population Profiles updated according to 2005 OPL
    AltaPop has just updated its Population Profiles for all of Alberta’s Cities, Towns, Villages, and Summer Villages (see Urban Municipalities), as well as its two Urban Service Areas and one Townsite (see Unincorporated Places). The official 2005 population counts for each settlement according to the latest edition of the Official Population List publication were added to the previously prepared profiles.

DECEMBER 9, 2005
  Latest edition of the Official Population List is published
    The Province of Alberta’s 2005 Official Population List, prepared by the Ministry of Municipal Affairs, was published on its website late last week. In addition to the PDF and Excel versions available there, the PDF version is also now available under the Official Population Lists Section of AltaPop.

AUGUST 29, 2005
  Population Profiles for Brooks and Onoway have been moved
    In recognition of Brooks and Onoway effectively incorporating as a City and a Town respectively this Friday, their Population Profiles have been transferred to the applicable pull-down menus within the Urban Municipalities Section of AltaPop.

JULY 10, 2005
  First set of annual settlement population rankings available
    AltaPop has prepared annual population rankings for Alberta’s settlements, including both Urban Municipalities and Unincorporated Places, from 1990 to 2004 inclusive within its Population Summaries Section. The annual rankings reflect the most recently recorded census count for the subject settlements for each year. Also, changes in a settlement’s name and/or status are reflected in the annual rankings where applicable. For example, Edmonton Beach is last presented as a Summer Village in the 1998 annual ranking, and is then referred to as a Village named Spring Lake starting with the 1999 annual ranking to properly reflect its official status and name change that was effective on January 1, 1999.

Note that all annual rankings reflect the status and most recent census figure of each settlement as of December 31 of the year presented. Annual rankings for years prior to 1990 will be posted incrementally over time.

JUNE 26, 2005
  Links to Alberta’s municipalities on the Web added
    Links to the existing official municipal websites of Alberta’s Cities, Towns, Villages, Summer Villages, Specialized Municipalities, Rural Municipalities, and Special Areas have been posted on AltaPop’s Links page. Note that at this time, not every municipality in Alberta has an official website, but they will be added if and when they do develop sites in the future.

JUNE 9, 2005
  Irricana’s Population Profile is relocated
    In recognition of the Village of Irricana effectively incorporating to Town status on this date, its Population Profile, formerly in the Villages pull-down menu, is now found under the Towns pull-down menu within the Urban Municipalities Section of AltaPop.

MAY 1, 2005
  Formatted version of Province’s 2006 population estimates available
    As promised in AltaPop’s April 14, 2005 News Release, a formatted version of the Province of Alberta’s estimated 2006 population counts and per capita grants by municipality has been posted in the Population Summaries Section of this website. For information of Alberta’s $3-billion infrastructure funding program, see AltaPop’s Archived News Releases or read the official News Release from the Province of Alberta.

MARCH 28, 2005
  2004 Population Summaries for Urban Municipalities posted
    Tables presenting the most current population figures for Alberta’s Urban Municipalities, as of 2004, have been prepared and are now available in the Population Summaries Section. All Cities, Towns, Villages, and Summer Villages have been ranked by size and sorted alphabetically for your convenience.

AltaPop will provide similar summaries for previous years and for Alberta’s Unincorporated Places and Rural Municipalities in due time.

MARCH 16, 2005
  Fort McMurray, Sherwood Park, and Redwood Meadows data added
    The historic population figures for the Urban Service Areas of Fort McMurray and Sherwood Park and the Townsite of Redwood Meadows have been added to the Unincorporated Places Section of this website. In addition, the Definitions and Quick Facts of Alberta’s various types of Unincorporated Places have been completed.

As for the Hamlets, Designated Places, and Unincorporated Communities in the Unincorporated Places section, AltaPop continues to develop their respective Population Profiles. This information is expected to be available within the coming months.

DECEMBER 21, 2004
  Population and incorporation history of Alberta’s Urban Municipalities now available
    Historic census results and incorporation dates for all of Alberta’s current Cities, Towns, Villages, and Summer Villages are now available on AltaPop. The Urban Municipalities Section is the second of five major phases in the development of this website.

AltaPop will now concentrate on developing the third phase, being the Unincorporated Places Section, which will be implemented in a piecemeal fashion. A priority will be placed on posting the historic data of Alberta’s two Urban Service Areas (Fort McMurray and Sherwood Park) before the arrival of 2005. Implementation of Alberta’s Designated Places will follow shortly thereafter. The remaining Hamlets and Settlements will be placed on the backburner for now.

The first phase, being the Official Population Lists Section, was implemented on November 15, 2004. The final two phases involve the development of the Rural Municipalities and Population Summaries Sections.

NOVEMBER 15, 2004
  Annual Official Population Lists from 1960 to 2003 posted
    Copies of the Alberta Official Population List publication, prepared annually by the Ministry of Municipal Affairs since 1960, have just been posted on this website in Adobe Reader (PDF) format. To view, please visit the Official Population Lists Section

NOVEMBER 15, 2004
  Alberta’s Urban Municipalities coming soon
    The historic population data for Alberta’s Urban Municipalities (Cities, Towns, Villages, and Summer Villages) should be posted shortly. Meanwhile, the initial collection of historic population counts for unincorporated places has been completed. The data is currently being verified.

AUGUST 3, 2004
  AltaPop website founded
    Welcome to Alberta Population ( This site is currently under construction with an anticipated fully-operational date of January 1, 2005.

Phase 1 of this website will allow you to observe the historic population trends of Urban Municipalities, Unincorporated Places, and Rural Municipalities in Alberta as per official Federal and Municipal Census results.

Phase 2 of this website will provide annual population reports of Alberta’s Urban Municipalities, Unincorporated Places, and Rural Municipalities for comparison purposes.

Please check back soon for updates and thank you for your patience.


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